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Useful Links

MSN (Video) – Federal Reserve: Bitcoin Potential ‘Boon’ for Global Commerce

MSN (Video) – Bitcoin for dummies.

Bloomberg – Bloomberg covers the status and potential merits of an alternative digital currency – Litecoin.

Stanford Bitcoin Group – Stanford and MIT both have Bitcoin groups on campus that are growing in size.

USA Today – How Bitcoin is moving money in Africa.

Tech Crunch – Bitcoin debit card.

Huffington Post –  Bitcoin has and will continue to defiantly weather the storm.

Crypto-Crimson –  Largest VC firm in the world, is backing Bitcoin.

Coin Report – The start-up accelerator 500 Start-Ups is funding five new Bitcoin-related companies

Wall Street Journal – Bitcoin trading platform Altas partners with national stock exchange.

CNN – Digital currency to support political campaign

Washington Post – The first “Bitcoin Boulevard”

BI –  Potential solution for one of the 10 “billion dollar problems” of 2014

Equities –  How Bitcoin derivatives could curb Bitcoin volatility.

Youtube – Overstock CEO discusses $1 million sold in BTC (in less than 2 months)

Coinreport – Mt. Gox Ceo’s assets frozen.

Coinreport – Ebay quietly files patents mentioning bitcoin.

Coinreport – NYDFS now accepting applications/proposals for currency exchanges in NY.

StreetInsider – BTC represents potential annual retail, E-Comm, and remittance savings of +$210 billion.

Joe Rogan Experience –  Andreas Antonopoulos breaks down bitcoin (LATEST)

Andreas Antonopoulos Milwaukee – Bitcoin MKE meetup/hangout featuring Andreas (start at 47:00) – Mt. Gox’s Collapse won’t lead to the death of Bitcoin.

The Hill – State Regulators to tackle Bitcoin, virtual currencies

Stanford News –  Two professors discuss Bitcoin.

Bitcoinmenow – A List of Popular Exchanges

ZeroBlock – Bitcoin Trading Platform

Reddit – Bitcoin Merchant Pays First Bitcoin Invoice.

The Guardian – The Federal Reserve has no authority to regulate Bitcoin ~ Janet Yellen

Vice: Intro Vid to bitcoin –  The Best Place to Start for Bitcoin Noobies.

Map of Coins – Visual history of cryptocurrency – This is the original Bitcoin Site. Good Source for Wallets, Exchanges and information. – Site on most recent New Articles

Satoshi Nakamoto’s original paper proposing BTC – (PDF)

The Hottest Investment In 2014: Bitcoin – Why?

Bitcoin Safety – Protect Your Wallet From Loss & Theft.

How Cryptocurrencies Could Upend Banks’ Monetary Role – Jon Matonis – Simple Bitcoin converter

Economics of Bitcoin – Peter Surda (Includes response to critics)

Publications, Lectures, and Interviews – Peter Surda

Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Crash Course with Andreas Antonopoulos  – Informative video

Bitcoin 2013 Conference – Tuur Demeester – Why You Should Invest in Bitcoin – Informative video

Economics of Bitcoin Panel: 2013 Conference – Erik Voorhees and Panelists Yoni Assia, Peter Surda, Tuur Demeester, Garrick Hileman discuss the Economics of Bitcoin at the Bitcoin 2013 Conference in San Jose CA.

Bitcoin in the Future Panel: 2013 Conference – Mike Hearn, Panelists: JR Willett, Jeff Garzik, Michael Gronager, Chris Odom

12 Days of Bitcoin – The High Risk IRA

Bitcoin For Beginners – “A to Z, Step by Step Guide to Buying, Selling, and Investing in Bitcoin.”

A Lawyer’s Take On Bitcoin And Taxes – Useful perspective on protecting yourself once involved in the digital market.

Responsible vendors, intelligent consumers- Silk Road, the online revolution in drug trading – (PDF)

A new untraceable off-line electronic cash system – (PDF)

The promise and perils of digital currencies – (PDF)

Want More Research? – Wiki Bitcoin Research Directory

Find Bitcoin fanatics near you – To bring together Bitcoin users, merchants, monetary exchange dealers, developers, and consumers

How Bitcoin Could Help the World’s Poorest People – Jeff Fong

Bitcoin Black Friday – Over 6k transactions.

Things You Can Buy With Bitcoin

Great real time graph site. Real time moves.

See several CryptoCurrency Market Caps clean interface showing a couple exchanges BTC value

RealitySheares- Crowdfunding bitcoin investment opportunity within real estate

CoinRnr – Bridging the gap between cash and crypto coins

Washington Post – 4 charts that suggest bitcoin will stabilize

Financial Times – Bitcoin is more than a currency?

New Scientist – How technology will change the world

New Scientist – Can you live on virtual money for a day?

New Scientist – The future of money is at stake!

BBC Online – Bitcoin ATMs to launch in the UK, how do they work? – Trading with bitcoin, cuts down onlin fraud?

Wall Street Journal – Austrian firm plans bitcoin ATM rollout.

The Business Insider – Why bitcoin will never have an issue with deflation.

Slate – How can we stop bitcoin theft and scams?

MarketWatch – Bitcoin trading heats up

Forbes – Heart-wave sensing bracelet that keeps your bitcoin safe

BBC Online – Self-updating bitcoin price tag shown off in London.

Official Fiver Blog – Fiver now accepting bitcoin for Gigs

Coindesk – New york Hedge Fund has already taken $5.4 mil in bitcoin deposits – Bitcoin conversions – Offers a BTC current price widget for easy site insertion. – Place that sells Bitcoin ATMs – Check Bitcoin ATMs ROI Send Bitcoin via SMS or Email Site for posting resumes or jobs relative to Bitcoin. Video content site where creators are paid in bitcoin and videos are payperview. Merchants, become your own bitcoin exchange. Sell bitcoin to your customers. From start to finish you can change currencies in under ten seconds, no account required.