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Today I ordered Domino’s Pizza with Bitcoin

Is legit?



Yup, exactly what the title says. I was having a party at the house and needed some pizzas, bread sticks, cinnamon sticks etc. Thought it was the perfect opportunity to use Bitcoin in an eCommerce transaction and test out the site Pizza For Coins. Worked out perfectly. The site is not the easiest site to use, but good enough. I was worried at first about using a site I was unfamiliar with, but the reviews were good so I decided to grab some grub!

The whole ordering process takes a little bit of time as you have to use pull-down menus for all your toppings and sauces.  It looks like a Magento Site with a Bitpay Bitcoin interface.  You get totaled up and then go to pay and you will get a QR code or a wallet address to send your payment in to.  Fire off the payment within the allotted time and you are golden.

I set my pizza to be delieverd at a specified time and it was dead on!