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How did I get into Bitcoin?

Bitcoin Miner

How did I get into Bitcoin?

I had been hearing about Bitcoin (BTC) since late 2009, but I didn’t get involved until 2013.  When I was first introduced to BTC I didn’t do any other research and relied solely on what was described to me by a friend.  My friend introduced BTC as a type of Digital Currency and explained Mining in a way that seemed very unprofitable and time consuming.

As a US Citizen I really didn’t have any need for another type of currency.  I looked at BTC as if it was a foreign currency… How would I spend it here in the states, and it seemed to expensive to Mine.   At the time, with my limited education on BTC, it just seemed too unrealistic to get involved.

After a couple years had gone by I caught a couple news articles about the explosive valuation increases in BTC.  After reading the articles I decided to  start doing some more research into BTC.  I realized at this point I missed an opportunity to make a lot of money just on the valuation increases in BTC.

I started to thoroughly educated myself, and it was at this point I began to realize that BTC (all CryptoCurrencies really) was much more than a Digital Currency.  These CryptoCurrencies (CCs) were an opportunity… an opportunity never seen before with any type of currency.  CCs allowed persons in third world countries the opportunity to conduct transactions, obtain payments, make payments, send money, operate small businesses all in places without banks.  CCs allowed migrant workers to send money home to their families, across international borders, without paying Western Union fees and do so almost instantly.  CCs allowed business a new medium of payment; one that was almost fee free, instant and non-reversible.  The benefits of CCs to an online eCommerce store are so great, so much better than current methods, that we will probably wonder why we every used Credit Cards.

As I increased my knowledge of CCs, I realized all the opportunities they brought to the table were too great for me to ignore.  I began to believe it was an absolute must that I get involved.   I am “all-in” now, but not for the money.  Although I have made money on CCs todate, I believe that CCs will improve the world… Globally.

We don’t necessarily need CCs here in the USA.  Even homeless people in the USA have cash, so it isn’t critical that we have an option such as CCs,  but when has anything in the USA been about what we “need”.  We have Hummer Cars, Private Jets, Flat Screen TVs the size of Mini Vans.  The USA has always been about the next best thing, and that’s exactly what Bitcoin and the other CryptoCurrencies are… The Next Best Thing.