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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

This page will grow over time.  As Members come up with new and unique Questions we will drop them in here.  Use this page to become more familiar with our process.

Q: What is a Bitcoin?

Q: How can I get Bitcoins?

  • You can accept Bitcoins as payment for goods or services.
  • The most common way to buy Bitcoins are the Bitcoin Exchanges.
  • There are several services where you can trade them for traditional currency.
  • Find someone to trade cash for Bitcoins in-person through a directory.
  • Our favorite way… Mine them!

Q: What is a Mining?

Q: Are there other CryptoCurrencies like Bitcoin?

A: Yes, there are more than a dozen other CryptoCurrencies. Here you can see a list of some of the popular ones and their current market caps.

Q: Is a Bitcoin Miner?

A: We are a CryptoCurrency Miner. We Mine the most profitable CryptoCurrency for that day. At the end of the day we convert the accumulated CryptoCurrency to Bitcoin to distribute to our memebers. This keeps the distribution simple.

Q: Why join instead of just buying Bitcoin or other CryptoCurrencies?

A: There is nothing wrong with purchasing CryptoCurrencies directly from an exchange (as long as it’s a safe, reputable exchange). The advantage to membership in is an ongoing distribution of Bitcoins. You will receive a portion of our daily Bitcoin rewards while your membership is valid. Please see our disclaimer page.

Q: How Much is Membership to

A: A Membership Block to our Mining Club is $525 (USD).

Q: Can I buy more than one Membership Block?

A: Yes.

Q: How Much Bitcoin do I get as a Member?

A: Here is the daily Bitcoin Distribution per Membership Block. Multiply this amount by number of Membership Blocks to get your aggregate daily distribution. (This number is a running average. The actual daily numbers goes up and down and can be more or less).

Q: How long does Membership to last?

A: A Membership Block is good for 1 year.

Q: Where can I download a trustworthy wallet, and how do I install, backup, and use it?

A: We recommend Bitcoin Qt. Once installed, take a look at a helpful tutorial here.

Q: What benefits does a digital market/CryptoCurrencies bring?

A: Transaction rates can be pretty steep no matter where you go to transfer money, or pay for goods or services. Making “micro-payments” under a certain dollar amount is a waste of time. Using Bitcoin and other crypto currencies allows you to make smaller purchases without having to worry about getting slammed by transaction fees. Furthermore, companies like PayPal lose their leverage to float money left over in your account from smaller purchases (A creative way for them to earn more interest, but not in the best interest of the consumer). while giving the consumer more purchasing power, the digital market allows citizens to manage their money within their ‘E-Wallets’ in 3rd world countries. This also gives people freedom to be able to purchase goods without having to carry cash, credit cards, and other forms of payment that can be lost or stolen in dangerous places. Essentially, Bitcoin is useful for “peer-to-peer” network implementation in places that don’t have an established infrastructure within their community.

Q: Why do reputable journalists and people in the financial market with established credentials give Bitcoin a bad wrap?

A: Most people like to speculate to get attention. People who have success criticizing other aspects of the financial market tend to build up a bit of an ego and don’t know how to separate that from reality. Not all mainstream articles are this way, and some make great opposing arguments. However, most research articles by reputable economists and digital currency specialists are a much better read. Take Peter Surda for example, you can check out his page here:

He understands the fate of CryptoCurrency doesn’t depend on speculators or even economists understanding, it will ultimately come down to human action.

Q: Should I be concerned with volatility?

A: Of course, however, if you look at an example like petroleum, it took about a decade before it became stable. Keep in mind, our financial system operated in different way then, making it significantly less efficient. So inefficient in fact, that at that time, prices for the same asset varied state-to-state. It took about a decade (1970-80) for prices to level out. Now our financial markets operate and communicate faster, allowing markets to gain notoriety and essentially progress much faster.

Q: Should I spend or save my Bitcoin?

A: With traditional paper currency people spend some, and save some. The advantage to spending Bitcoin is that you bring more users into the network. Getting more people involved in Bitcoin will strengthen the movement overall. So do a little of both… save a little, and spend a little.

Q: Can I get a refund on my membership?

A: It takes 30 days to initiate a new Membership Block. In this time period you can get a full refund should you change your mind. After this initializing period, the sale is final, but you will likely accumulate more in Bitcoin value than you paid for your membership, in just a few months.