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Monthly Archives: February 2014

Bitcoin “Cold Storage” Instructions For Beginners

Since most people are concerned about the safety of their coins and aren’t considered “tech savvy”, I have decided to post a tutorial I found that I think is relatively simple. It’s not perfect, and I will add some changes in efforts to making some things a bit more clear. However, “aiwk171”  from has created […]

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A Few Statements Regarding Mt. Gox

Here is a statement from various CEO’s of reputable exchanges regarding Mt. Gox. The purpose of this document is to summarize a joint statement to the Bitcoin community regarding Mt.Gox. This tragic violation of the trust of users of Mt.Gox was the result of one company’s abhorrent actions and does not reflect the resilience or […]

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Superintendent of Financial Services Ben Lawsky Answers Regulation Questions

There have been a couple breakthroughs within the U.S regarding crypto-currency regulation. I have included some information below to direct you to various articles and threads where great questions and topics are being discussed. I think the most important thread to link here would be Ben Lawsky’s “AMA” (ask me anything) post on Reddit. Ben […]

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List of Bitcoin Exchanges

There are more exchanges than listed here, I have just thrown together some popular ones as well as a link to a background on each. My Favorite place to purchase Bitcoin. BitBargain (info) Bitcoin-Central (info)  (info) bitcoin-24 (info) (info) bitNZ (info) (based in Belize) Bitstamp (info) BTC-E (info) (info) Intersango (info) (info) OTC Exchange  (info) The Rock Currency Exchange  (info) […]

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Everything You Need To Know About Bitcoin & More

Understanding bitcoin can be difficult, this video is a great place to start for all you bitcoin noobies. (skip to 11 min)

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How Will Bitcoin Be Taxed, At What Rate, And When?

  Lets start with a brief history of the IRS. President Lincoln designed the position, “Commissioner of Internal Revenue” in 1862. His objective was to create an income tax to underpin the war expenses. However, ten years later it was repealed, revived in 1894, and repealed again and ruled unconstitutional the following year. Proceed to […]

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